Tapping Into Your
Big Vision Live

Online Event - Replay Recording

"Release the patterns, change the story and manifest your magnificent new life with SIX OF THE WORLD'S LEADING TAPPING EXPERTS."

Do you feel held back by your past and find yourself repeating patterns?

Are you ready to uncover and release your limiting belief systems?

Have you lost sight of your vision?

Do you constantly find yourself in scarcity mode and lack?

Do you feel anxiety about the future?

Jump start your future on this one day tapping extravaganza which will expand your thinking and help you manifest your money goals, business goals, personal and relationship goals…AND have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Tapping Into Your Big Vision LIVE

is a one day recording of an online event which takes place from the comfort of your own home where you will be guided by six of the world’s leading tapping experts on your transformational journey to the next exciting chapter of your life.

Melanie Moore

Jacqui Crooks
Steve Wells

Melanie Moore

Brad Yates

Tamara Donn
Jacqui Crooks
Steve Wells
Andy Bryce

Brad Yates

Tamara Donn
Andy Bryce

Join us on this magical journey to:


Clear past life, ancestral and family patterns

Release any resistance to amazing possibilities

Tap into a bigger vision for your life

Ground and step into this new vision

Allow yourself to receive all that you need to manifest this vision

Open yourself up to infinite abundance

The change

The change you seek in your life starts here at this unique event, where a world of possibility awaits you.

Together we will help you clear the blocks from your past so that you can create your own spectacular vision for the future.

Have you heard yourself saying or thinking any of these?

→  Is this all there is to life?
→  I feel like I’ve settled for second best?
→  Time is ticking!
→  Why isn’t it my turn?
→  I’m too old?
→  Is this as good as it gets?
→  I have a mission but I don’t know how to get started?
→  What’s my purpose?
→  I know I was meant for more!
→  I’m really feeling stuck!
→  I just don’t know what to do next?
→  I’m scared of trying and failing!


You don’t have to do this by yourself


Let's come together and create magic!


Let us be your guides on this journey towards a new life, together we will hold a safe space for your transformation.

On Saturday 31st July

TAPPING INTO YOUR BIG VISION LIVE will be bringing you the experience and energy of an in-person event streamed live to the comfort of your own home via ZOOM.


Tapping Into Your Big Vision Live will finish approximately

7PM UK Time

All sessions will be recorded for you to keep and watch at your leisure.


By the end of the event, you will feel clearer, lighter, curious, optimistic, empowered and so excited for what’s possible.

You will have:

New insights of what have been your blocks – and cleared them

A renewed sense of purpose and possibility

A new understanding of yourself and where you want to be

Enthusiasm and excitement for the next chapter of your life

Tools to help you get there

Community support from like-minded people (in a private Facebook group)

and so much more!

Session One -  Jacqui Crooks - Clearing ancestral and family patterns

Your life today is influenced by your parents’ lives… and their parents… and their parents, right back through time.

We are living the survival strategies of generations of our families. All the beliefs that they created to stay safe, then, are with us now. They are passed down genetically, energetically and emotionally and unwittingly, we pass those on to the next generation, and so it carries on.

When you clear the “stuff” that isn’t yours it’s so much easier to make changes in your life, quickly and safely. Tap with me to free yourself from the beliefs and strategies that aren’t yours, so you can create the life you were born to live.

Session Two – Steve Wells Releasing Your Resistance to Amazing Possibilities

Your judging mind tells you who you are and what you are - and are not - capable of.

But what if that was all not true? What if your real potential is unlimited and what you are currently manifesting is just what you emotionally attached to at an earlier time in your life?

What would be possible for you if you released your attachments to limiting stories about your life, your potential, and “the way things are”?

Come to this session and be amazed by the potential when you learn how to apply Steve’s powerful new Intention Tapping process to free yourself from your previous limits, release your resistance to change, and open yourself to new possibilities.

Session Three -  Melanie Moore Tapping into your Big Vision – expanding dreams and possibilities

Les Brown calls the graveyard the “richest place on earth, because it is here you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the inventions that were never shared, all because someone was afraid to take the first step”

In this session you will expand your goals, dreams and visions. Don’t let the seeds of your Big Vision lay dormant.

In this session Melanie will help you activate your vision and breath life into it with her guided visualisation and tapping session. Let’s tap into your Big Vision!

Session Four -  Tamara Donn Bringing Spirit into Matter – ground yourself, ground your vision.

Now that you have connected with your vision, we will breathe life into it. When you sow a seed, the condition of the soil and other environmental factors determine the health and vitality of the plant. As with a plant, we will identify the qualities you need in order to manifest your vision and thrive with EFT.

Session Five -  Andy Bryce The Art of Receiving

Receiving is an art form, some of us seem to be naturals and others not so much. The Law of Attraction works 24/7. Having a clear focus on your goals is important and if your unconscious mind has a conflicting pattern, that pattern will override your efforts.

Things such as family myths, be Poor and Proud, Rich is Evil, get in our way, Shame, low self esteem, confusion about selfish versus selfless all stop us receiving love, money, satisfaction, in our lives.

Tap with Andy on some of these hidden barriers and see the difference

Session Six -  Brad Yates Tapping for greater Abundance

The extent to which we are not experiencing what we say we want tends to be the extent to which we are resisting it.

Old programming about why it would be wrong or dangerous to experience greater abundance will stop us from allowing it into our lives - particularly in limiting the actions we could take. Fortunately, we can tap to change our minds about that, such that we have greater freedom to manifest what we want.



Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore

Creator of Transformational Neural Technique™ Vision Board expert, Law of Attraction Teacher and award winning coach

Jacqui Crooks

Jacqui Crooks

International speaker,trainer and an EFT Founding Master.

Who will be joined by:

BRAD YATES – EFT expert, author and YouTube superstar

STEVE WELLS – Internationally recognised psychologist, leadership coach and peak performance consultant

TAMARA DONN – international speaker, author, EFT Master Trainer and family constellations expert.

ANDY BRYCE – EFT Founding Master, Reiki Master and PET Practitioner

Tapping Into Your Big Vision Live Recordings



What's Inlcuded?

✅ Access to the live event

✅ Recordings of the event

✅ Special Bonus - Melanie Moore's Create your Own Tapping Scripts Masterclass value £47

 ✅*Integration Tapping Circle with Melanie and Jacqui recording value £97

✅*Intention Tapping group session recording with Steve Wells - Value £97

✅ Vision Board and Transformational Neural Technique workshop - Value £147






What's Included?

✅ Access to the live event

✅ Recordings of the event

✅ A private pop up Facebook group

✅ Speaker bonuses -

*Integration Tapping Circle with Melanie and Jacqui September 1st 2021 – 12pm BST (recording will be available) - Value £97

*Find your Soulmate with EFT / Sleep Well/ EFT Basics with Tamara Donn - Vlaue £47

*Intention Tapping group session with Steve Wells - Value £97

*Audio book Science of Being Great by Wallace D Wattles with Tapping by Brad Yates at the end of each chapter - Value £47




⭐️ Global Vision Board Day Workshop Recordings - Gain clarity on your vision, make your vision board then embodying your vision with Transformational Neural Technique™ with Melanie Moore – Value £147

⭐️ Getting to the real roots of an issue easily - EFT and Timelines PLUS Rebirthing Yourself, Rebirthing Your Children Masterclass recordings with Jacqui Crooks - Value £194

⭐️ Frazzled mums package Tamara Donn - three months membership at the Frazzled to Fabulous Mums Club (make tapping your habit even if you overwhelmed and juggling too much!) and free admission to the EFT Experience Event Value £97

⭐️ Overcoming Self Sabotage video series with Intention Tapping with Steve Wells. Value £197

⭐️ Audio Book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles with Tapping at the end of each chapter by Brad Yates PLUS Brad's audio programme, Tapping Into Prosperity Consciousness. Value £97



Bob Doyle - The Secret

"What's not to love about Melanie? She is always a delight to work with, and her absolute authenticity and passion in everything she does shines through so brightly, you immediately feel safe and connected with her and her message. She doesn't do her work "at" you...she does it WITH and FOR you, and that's evident from the moment you meet her for the first time, online or in person.

She has a wealth of knowledge and is a living, breathing example of the truth of what she teaches."

Jack Canfield

Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving, powerful, effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work.

Sharon Cass Toole, Psychotherapist

"Steve Wells - You have taken this work to a whole new level... your work is the therapy of the future."